Kingsland Downtown Development Authority

About Us

Welcome to the Kingsland Downtown Development Authority (KDDA), a non-profit authority dedicated to stimulating economic growth in Historic Downtown Kingsland. At KDDA, our mission is to create a vibrant community that residents can be proud of. One of the ways we achieve this is by hosting diverse events and programs throughout the year. By becoming a sponsor, you not only contribute to the success of these events but also gain visibility and goodwill among our target audience.

The Kingsland Downtown Development Authority (KDDA) district encompasses the historic business district of Kingsland and the adjoining areas that contribute to the character of downtown. The mission of the KDDA is to partner with the City of Kingsland and other public and private organizations to foster the historic preservation and economic revitalization of downtown Kingsland’s Royal District. This will be accomplished through the professional leadership of the seven-member Downtown Development Authority, the downtown program staff, and community volunteers.

For more information on public meetings of the Downtown Development Authority, including meeting dates, meeting agendas, and meeting minutes, visit:

Throughout the year, we organize a series of initiatives that directly benefit our community members while striving to make a positive difference by hosting diverse events and programs that create a sense of place and pride for the residents of our community. We are asking for assistance in these endeavors by supporting our upcoming events and programs through our sponsorship programs. By becoming a sponsor, you would not only contribute to the success of these events but also gain visibility and goodwill among our target audience.

To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities, we have prepared a detailed sponsorship program HERE that outlines the various sponsorship levels and associated benefits. We are also open to discussing customized sponsorship options that meet your specific goals and budget. We kindly request you to review the program and consider partnering with us to make a meaningful impact on our community. We would be delighted to further discuss the sponsorship opportunity and explore how we can best showcase your involvement in these events and programs.


Sponsorship Program Benefits

By sponsoring our downtown events and programs, you would significantly enhance their impact and reach. Additionally, you will not only contribute to the success of these events but also gain visibility and goodwill among our local community. In return, we offer various benefits to our valued sponsors, including:

  • Brand exposure: Prominent placement of your company logo on event promotional materials, banners, and online platforms, ensuring visibility to our target audience.
  • Publicity and media coverage: Inclusion of your organization’s name in press releases, media interviews, and social media campaigns, maximizing brand recognition.
  • Community goodwill: Demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility by supporting programs that positively impact the lives of community members.
  • Customized partnership opportunities: Tailored sponsorship packages designed to align with your organization’s specific objectives, ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Events & Programs Descriptions

  • Kingsland Carnivals (March & October):  Join us as a sponsor of one of our Kingsland Carnivals, presented twice a year by the City of Kingsland, TDS Telecom, and KBAY 106.3. These vibrant multi-day events have become a staple in our community, consistently drawing over 25,000 diverse attendees each time. We believe that your partnership as a sponsor would be an excellent opportunity to engage with our enthusiastic and extensive audience.
  • Kingsland Catfish Festival (November):  This enduring tradition in Kingsland, held in November, has captivated both residents and tourists for four decades. As a cherished and enduring tradition in our community, this annual festival has captivated both residents and tourists for four decades presenting a remarkable opportunity for your brand to gain valuable exposure and connect with our engaged and diverse audience.
  • Kingsland Holiday Light Contest (December):  Become a sponsor of the Kingsland Holiday Light Contest, a heartwarming and festive tradition that made its debut in 2022. This event has rapidly gained immense popularity among our residents, and by sponsoring this contest, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your support for community involvement and bring joy to Kingsland during the holiday season.
  • A Snowy Kingsland Christmas Event (December)Sponsorship opportunities are available to partner on our “A Snowy Kingsland Christmas” event, a magical and cherished celebration that has become an annual tradition in Downtown Kingsland. This enchanting event, held each year in early December, transforms our town into a winter wonderland and brings joy and festivity to both residents and visitors. By sponsoring this event, you have the opportunity to help create a magical experience that will be remembered for years to come.
  • Discover Downtown Monthly eNewsletter Partner (12 months):  The Discover Downtown Kingsland monthly e-newsletter has been steadily growing in popularity and influence, and we believe this provides an opportunity for local sponsors to engage our 500+ subscribed users with their branded messaging and drive traffic to their website.
  • Website Sponsorship Opportunity (12 months) allows an exciting partnership opportunity that would not only benefit our organization but also provide your company with valuable exposure and engagement over the course of 12 months. We have consistently worked towards delivering high-quality content and services to our audience, and we believe that your company’s partnership as a Website Advertising Partner could be a mutually advantageous collaboration.

Let’s join hands to create memorable experiences for our community and leave a lasting positive impact together.

Take a look at the sponsorship details for the exciting events and programs we have planned: